Websites linking to SDI development and implementations globally

This page provides links to many website that are either national, regional or global SDI platforms or SDi-related projects at national, regional or global levels. Please let us know of other links of interest!

Links to SDI or Geo Related Lists

EuroGeographics - geospatial products and services:

EuroGeographcis - Knowledge Exchange Network:

EUROGI – European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information – documents and project reports (mainly European):

European INSPIRE Directive Forum

FreeGIS List:-

GIS Lounge – free website offering numerous links to geomatics information and resources:


Joinup is a collaborative platform created by the European Commission that offers several services  to help e-Government professionals share their experience with each other and to support them to find, choose, re-use, develop and implement interoperability solutions, many of which are directly realted to geospatial information and/or SDI implementations. The list has over 450 links.

OSGeo page linking to lists for 34 open source software projects:

Participatory GIS and Technologies (PPGIS):

Science and Development Network:

United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) Knowledge Base:

UN GGIM NSDI informtion links (57 countries):

World Bank e-Institute:

Links to NSDI and SDI-related Portals

Andorra Geoportal:

Bahrain SDI:

Egyptian Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

FGDC (USA) Data and Services Clearning House:

FIND - Australian spatial data catalogue:

French NSDI Geoportal

GeoGratis - Canadian geoportal from Natural Resources Canada: 

GeoPlatform - US authoritative spatial data portal:

GeoSUR (SDI Portal of Latin American and Caribbean agencias)

IDEE - Spanish National SDI Portal (Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales de Espana)

INSPIRE GeoPortal (pan-European portal):

LINZ Data Service (Land Information New Zealand):

Portuguese NSDI Geoportal

UN-GGIM Links to national SDI initiatives and portals (16 countries):

Project-related SDI Sites:

A Spanis-Portuguese transnational Project:

European Location Framework (ELF) Project:

GET SDI Portal

GET SDI Portal is FOSS, available under the GPL v3 license, developed by Geospatial Enabling Technologies Ltd. GET SDI Portal constitutes a 'ready to deploy' online portal, facilitating the geoportal development in a local or regional spatial data infrastructure (SDI).  The software acts as a client for OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Web Services, while providing an INSPIRE based search to Geospatial Catalogues.

Spanish Regional Geoportals:






Castilla y León:



Illes Balears

La Rioja